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Saint George's School, Kidderminster

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Saint George's school in Kidderminster is one of a number of schools in Wolverhampton which are being built to Passivhaus standards.

Elite Airtight was chosen for application in various parts of the school because of its quick drying and ease of application. Elite Airtight is touch-dry in a few hours and ready for dry-lining, or other work, the next day. This is an important factor, on construction site, where bad weather can cause delays.

Some of the areas on which Elite Airtight was applied included walls which already had wooden frameworks attached, which rendered the use of other airtightness processes impossible.

The contractors were fully aware of following the recommended application procedure in order to meet the air-tightness requirements set out by the architect.

The University of Exeter

Elite Airtight - eliteairtight.co.uk

The University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) is a £13m interdisciplinary centre leading cutting-edge research into solutions to problems of environmental change.

Elite Airtight was chosen as the best option to achieve air-tightness of the block walls throughout the building. About half of the walls were going to be hidden by dry-lining and other coverings, while the remainder were in public areas, where the finished walls would be left on display.

Elite Airtight Supercoat can be left exposed as a top-coat, which offers a bright, white, hard-wearing finish. Elite Airtight Superparge is ideal for areas which are going to be dry-lined or are in areas away from public access.

The walls were covered quickly and efficiently using airless equipment and back-rolling. The block walls will no longer be a concern when air-tightness tests are carried out on the building.

Hamilton International offices

Elite Airtight - eliteairtight.co.uk

Elite Airtight was specified by Mosaic Architecture for use on the Hamilton International offices.

Craig Crombie, of Mosaic Architecture says: "We chose Elite Airtight to help achieve the required air-tightness in the Hamilton International offices. We decided that the interior surface of the block walls would be the preferred surface to achieve an air barrier and, while we could have used a parge coat to achieve air-tightness, we realised that Elite Airtight had advantages over parging, which included: less mess; less material; better finish; quicker application and similar cost. We have been happy with the product and the contractors applying Elite Airtight - PFP Ltd - have also expressed their satisfaction with the application of the coating and the final finish."

Another benefit to placing the air barrier on the inside walls is that it reduces the amount of warm air (in the winter) and cool air (in the summer) dissipating into and through the walls, thereby allowing the HVAC to reach optimum temperatures more quickly and more efficiently.


Elite Airtight exceeds Passivhaus specifications

Where the air permeability is less than 0.36m3/h/m2, no exact value can be obtained due to the resolution of the instrument. This represents very low levels of air leakage and an Air Permeability no greater than 0.36m3/h/m2.

This easily beats Passivhaus specificiation.

Elite Airtight was tested on standard hollow concrete blocks which allowed air at 80m3/hr/m2 to pass through before application of the coating and "too low to detect" after application.

We will apply it for you

Our spraying teams have long experience in the application of Elite Airtight and would be happy to do the work. Our rates are cost-effective and the work will be done at a time to suit you.

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Area to be covered (m2):  

Elite Airtight is also available, supply only and next working-day delivery, from spray-shop.co.uk.

Method of Application

Spray one coat. Back-roller this coat to cover any visible voids. The coverage, overall and to an airtight finish, is approximately 1.5m2 per litre.

Airless spray recommended with a 21-thou tip and 12" fan

Alternative Application Methods

Standard brush and rolling techniques can be used as an alternative to spraying. Due to the high solid content of the basecoat more materials will be used, the project will take longer to complete and the application will be more labour intensive.

Full technical data, laboratory test results and COSHH available on request


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Elite Airtight is ...

  • Self priming
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Vapour permeable
  • Washable
  • No residual odour
  • Water based

Elite Airtight is an inexpensive, smart investment which reduces heating and cooling costs in any building with exposed internal concrete blocks, whether previously painted or bare.

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